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Design-Build Construction: Why You Need to Work with Schroeder Construction Management

Design-build from Schroeder Construction ManagementIn the field of commercial construction, when you want something done right, it makes sense to work with a company that specializes in the “design-build” method of construction. This means that one entity, Schroeder Construction, handles all phases of the construction process from the design stage to the building stage and to completion. This is the most efficient way to get things done because we are able to eliminate miscommunication between sub-contractors and middle men.

Being part of the design phase of construction allows us to get a clear and concise overview of how a construction project is going to go before the first tool is picked up. Using state of the art commercial construction design software, we are able to plan out how every square inch of a construction project should go in order to surpass customer expectations and to remain on budget.

Sully’s Superette Renovations

An excellent example of how we utilized the design-build method of construction is when we significantly renovated Sully’s Superette in Goffstown, NH back in April of this year. Working on both the exterior and interior of the structure, we were able to seamlessly and easily remove and relocate the store’s front entrance, build a new entrance vestibule as well as touch up some interior renovations and finish the exterior of the building with faux stone and vinyl siding.

The end result was a spectacular success. The construction process went flawlessly and we were able to remain on budget and finish the whole project in a timely manner. These renovations are a testament to the effectiveness of the design-build method of construction as well as the importance of using the most up to date design software available in the construction field today.

If you are interested in working with a qualified design-build construction company, contact us at: 603-882-1822