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Construction Management: Making Buildings More Energy Efficient

Project manager studying construction planAt Schroeder Construction Management, we take great pride in our ability to offer our customers with energy renovations that greatly benefit them and our natural environment. As a professional construction management company, we oversee every aspect of construction projects in order to provide our customers with a finished product that surpasses any expectations they may have. From planning, executing, and finishing large or small projects, we are one entity with the ability to make sure that every step of construction is done professionally and in a timely manner.

We apply this perspective of construction to every project we take on; especially those having to do with energy efficiency. Renovating buildings so that they are more energy efficient provides building owners and lessees with a variety of benefits. In general, buildings have a significant effect on our environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, buildings account for 39% of U.S. energy use, 12% of U.S. water consumption, 68% of U.S. electricity consumption, and 38% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.

The Benefits of Energy Renovations

When you work with Schroder Construction Management to undergo energy renovations, your carbon footprint becomes much smaller while saving you a great deal of money on energy costs as well. We are certified to complete commercial energy audits to find out how we can make your building more energy efficient. By doing so, we’ll reduce your building’s operating costs and improve occupant productivity by providing a cleaner, safer indoor environment. You can also rest easy knowing that you’re helping our environment by conserving natural resources, improving water and air quality, and by protecting natural ecosystems.

We’ve provided energy renovations for, among others, the Monadnock Regional High School, the Nashua Farmer’s Exchange, and the Moody Building in Claremont, NH. As an environmentally conscious construction management company, we take on energy renovation projects with enthusiasm unparalleled in the industry. It is an incredibly important endeavor to make buildings more energy efficient. In a world where technology and the construction industry are growing exponentially, we believe that it is our responsibility to do all in our power to ensure the health and well being of our environment while providing safe, energy efficient buildings for our customers.

If you’re interested in working with Schroeder Construction Management, contact us at: 603-882-1822