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Building Design and Construction: The Benefits of Metal Buildings

As a design build construction manager, Schroeder Construction Management Inc. (SCMI) has handled a great deal of major construction projects. The advantage of working with a company like ours is that your construction project is overseen by one entity from project inception to completion. Instead of working on a construction project with multiple sub-contractors who are simply not privy to every aspect of the overall project, SCMI is able to more effectively and professionally coordinate each phase of construction. This fact serves to eliminate common project obstacles like miscommunication and micro-managing. From building design and construction, we work hands on to ensure our clients that their project is being built professionally, on budget, and on schedule.

One aspect of construction that we excel in is metal buildings. We built a 10,000 sq. ft. addition to the Airex Filter Corp. building in Hudson, NH. There are many important benefits when working with metal. Metal buildings can be designed with CECO Building Systems software that allows us to pre-engineer a building in order to save time and money on a project. This is exactly what we did at the Airex Filter Corp. building.

Staying Green While Working with Metal

Building design and construction from Schroeder

Aside from being extremely durable, resilient, cost efficient and quick to install, metal buildings also have environmentally beneficial aspects to them. Unlike other building materials, metal can be recycled and reused many times without losing any of its inherent strength and malleability. Building with metal leaves a very minimal environmental impact and adds to the overall health of delicate ecosystems by conserving natural resources, reducing solid waste, and improving air and water quality. By conserving energy, having a great deal of longevity, and requiring fewer repairs and less maintenance than other building materials, metal buildings also do not significantly impede on their surrounding environments.

In a world where technology is advancing at exponential rates and the importance of recycling is constantly becoming ever more apparent, building with metal is an undertaking that helps to ensure the health of our natural environment while producing incredibly durable structures in far more time efficient ways.

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